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Kimberly R.

My husband and I innocently went to check out a house in the beach with no serious intent to buy – but of course, we feel in love with the home and the neighbourhood instantly. As this was a bit of an impulsive decision we didn’t even have an agent. Bram was assigned to us and he not only helped close the deal on the new home in 3 days, he managed to sell our current home off market 2 days later. It was a total whirlwind of events in such a short period of time but it was Bram’s clear articulate planning and communication that set him apart and kept us reassured and at ease along the way. He walked us through all the details and whenever we faced any challenges or bumps, Bram always had a plan B or C to present as options and was able to put us in contact with just about every resource professional we needed from start to finish. The full suite of service that Bram and his team provided made EVERYTHING so easy and it took the guesswork out of our total home buying and moving experience. Bram hooked up a mortgage specialist to be right there from the beginning helping us understand the best deals and rates, an excellent lawyer to help us close, design consultation, moving company recommendations, moving boxes… they really helped us minimize the stress and the amount of time I would have had to spend researching and scrambling to find information and resources. Bram also added his personal touches to make us feel like very valued clients – I felt in very capable hands and would refer and recommend him highly.

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