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INSIDE THE BUY – Mike and Jeannette

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It’s not just about what you’re buying. It’s about having a team with the knowledge and vision to help make it home.

Sabrina’s clients, Mike and Jeannette, had been on the hunt for the perfect condo to downsize to from their family home.

After looking at several condos, they kept coming back to one in particular. It was a larger corner unit with tons of natural light and a great layout, but the finishes were out-dated and tired.

Mike and Jeannette truly wanted the feeling of a stylish, renovated home and were willing to transform the space but they were having difficulty imagining what it could look like.

The leap of seeing how this older unit could become a spectacular home – from the vision, design, budget and execution – was where our team came into play.


Sabrina walked Mike and Jeannette through each room again to envision the possibilities and to discuss which updates were worth their investment. Afterward, our Project Management Director, Sam, worked closely with Sabrina to paint the design vision of what the end result would look like using their budget.

The Vision

Their combined knowledge gave Mike and Jeannette the confidence to move forward with The Richards Group design and project management service to make it all happen.

Now the designs have been finalized and the work should be completed by the end of September! Stay tuned to before & afters!

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