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Inside the Sale – Anna

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Could being different make all the difference in a building where other condos were taking forever to sell?

Kylie’s client was a first-time seller and Anna was dreaming of a bigger place with her fiancé Dylan.

But condos listed in her building were sitting on the market.

Trusting our team and Kylie to figure out a way to make this happen for them, we did a careful assessment of the other condos and what approach they took when listing.

It became clear that the Richards Group design expertise and a different listing strategy would make all the difference.

Through careful sourcing of modern light fixtures and low-investment updates like door hardware, the condo became the perfect canvas for our property styling team to come in and work their magic.

Before the built-in wall millwork felt outdated and dominated the space. But with careful styling, changing the room layout and balancing soft, comforting pieces and accessories, it became a show-stopping feature.

Within just over one week we had not one, but three offers on Anna’s condo.

“Working with Kylie has been a dream – I just hope other people’s agents are as good as her!” – Anna R.

Interested in transforming your condo into a buyers dream? Contact us at [email protected] and get started!

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